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Working Meeting with representatives of political parties

Regarding the project “Empowering women and girls for the preservation of peace and confidence-building” organized by the Macedonian Women’s Lobby, and funded by the British Embassy, a meeting was organized with the representatives of political parties in order to exchange information on the events in the framewrok of the project and future challenges . The working meeting was held in the hotel Meriot- Skopje on 14.09.2016.1613103

Manual for leadership in local self-goverment


Seminar Stop violence against women in politics

Within the project “Empowering Women and Girls for Increased Peacekeeping and Trust-building   ” Macedonian Women’s Lobby with the financial support of the British Embassy in Macedonia organized one-day seminar on the topic “Stop violence against women in politics” on which  was debated nonviolent communication towards women in politics. The seminar was held on 27 May at the Hotel Holiday Inn. The focus was put on the   importance of the topic  of sexism, hate speech towards women politicians, at the second panel was  presented Guidelines for Resolution 1325 on women, peace , and security printed in three languages. We gave  overview of the 5 principles for the promotion of inter-party dialogue of women’s sections within the political parties agreed at the seminar held in 2015 in Struga. The last panel titled How to deal with hate speech, sexism and  discrimination  in the media, representatives of political parties shared personal experiences related to sexism in politics and the media.  The seminar was attended by 70 representatives of 15 political parties in the country.IMGP0807102016-05-27-883hin34hin18

Promotion of the brochure of the Commision on gender equality betwen women and men

The brochure gives overview of the work of the Gender Equality Commision betwen women and men within the Parliament. The brochure presents the current situation of women in the country, female civic activism , gender quotas, work of Club of women parliamentarians, work of Macedonian women’s lobby.


Name of the project “We are the future leaders and agents of change in our communities”

Period of implementation: 2013-2015

Project is implemented by ;

  • Macedonian women’s lobby
  • Institute EvroBalkan
  • NGO Deside
  • NGO Sirma
  • Parliamentary Commission for Equal Opportunity

Goals of the project :

  • To inspire the political engagement and candidature of local women leaders
  • to strengthen their capacities
  • to support the involvement of women in creation of local policies

Activities :

  • 17 seminars for strengthening the capacities
  • Creation on interactive web platform
  • Creation of  mentorship program for elected politicians
  • Academy and national program for mentorship
  • Organization of conference, round tables, publication and promotional materials

Expected results :

1)      To be increased the number of women candidates for counselors and majors in 85 municipalities as well as to be increased the number of elected women

2)      Improved institutional framework and environment which will grantee the access of women towards decision making positions in local municipalities

3)      Improved position regarding the gender equality on local level through participative policy planning and adoption of gender aware decisions on local level

Donator :UN women , Fund for Gender Equality

Strengthening linkages for gender aware and inclusive policy making processes

Name of the project : Strengthening linkages for gender aware and inclusive policy making processes

Period of implementation : February 2011-February 2012

Target group : civic sector on local level, representatives from small neighbourhood units, Commissions of Equal opportunities between women and men [Read more...]

Support of the Campaign “50/50 No modern democracy without gender equality“

Initiated and implemented by European women’s lobby.

Period of conducting: April –June 2009 collecting signature for support

The European campaign had as its aim to increase the participation of women on the highest level of European politics and to encourage women and voters to vote on the European election.

“Do not play with the future”

Period: April to June 2009

Objectives of the project:

  • Raising awareness of the electorate on the importance of their involvement for the conduct of democratic elections;
  •  Special emphasis on informing voters of their right to cast their vote independently and to eliminate the potential for abuse of the voice.
  • Appealing for the cessation of family voting in odedeni areas is a major problem.


Target Audience:
electorate in the multi-ethnic and marginalized areas and groups; women voters, representatives of the NGO sector; political parties.

18 workshops for the promotion of the Code of free and fair elections, the importance of universal democratic principle of one voter – one vote

Donor: National Democratic Institute – NDI

Media campaign ‘’We can and we must – fair election 2008”

Project : Media campaign ‘’We can and we must –fair election 2008”

Period of implementation : May-June 2008

Implementers  : Macedonian women’s lobby in cooperation with National democratic Institut-NDI and Citizen association ‘’Most

Project goal :  Promotion of the Code of Conduct for free and fair lection aiming at high awareness of voting bodies and political parties of respecting the principle: ‘’one voter-one vote” [Read more...]

We can and we must – fair elections 2008

Project : “We can and we must –fair elections  2008”

Period of implementation : May -June 2008

Project goals :

-Awareness raising in public and in political parties for respecting the Code of conduct for free and fair elections in  2008

-Women from rural areas and marginalized groups to be educated about their voting rights and principle ‘’one voter –one vote”

-to be raised the awareness about the existing problem of family voting in some parts of the country [Read more...]