Visit of the patients with cancer on the occasion of the International week against cancer

Macedonian women’s lobby together with Anti cancer association Life spark , and Red cros of city of Skopje visit the patients  suffering from diffrent types of cancer on the occasion of International week against cancer. This is traditional action which has been held few years backwards. Three  clinics were visited ; Clinic fоr thoracic and vascular surgery, Clinic for digestive surgery and Clinic for radioterapy and oncology. Different presents were given to the patients , educational brochures, hygienic materials, flowers, books. The action aim is to encourage patients in their fight with cancer as well as to raise awareness in public for regular and preventive checkups.

Visit of the University Clinic of Oncology on the occasion of the International Cancer Week 01-08 March


Each year members of the Anti-cancer association Life Spark traditionally visit the patients with malignant disease who are treated at the University Clinic of Oncology and donating educational brochures, flowers and other gifts.

P1270210 (3)And this year, as well as several years with members of the Life Spark was the Macedonian Women’s Lobby in order to raise awareness about the necessity of prevention, early detection and diagnosis and modern treatment of malignant diseases.

Working meeting with Ms. Dorothy Weston Gibbons , director of the Foundation ‘’Rose” from Texas.

Date : 29 .10.2008

Place : Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia

Organizers: Macedonian women’s lobby and Embassy of the USA

Participants: representatives from  NGO sector –Macedonian women’s lobby, organization “Life spark” , NGO ‘’Borka” ;representatives from the Parliament of the Republic, from the Commission of equality between women and men as well as representatives from the Embassy of USA.

Campaign “Out smart the cancer – be healthy women” Report

Campaign “Out smart the cancer –be healthy women”
Implementation period  : October–December  2008 (24.10-12.2008)

Implementers:  Macedonian women’s lobby,
Ministry of Health of  RM (Institute for health care)
Commission of equality between women and men within the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonian ; Club of women parliamentarians
Donor: Ministry of Health [Read more...]

Official start of the Campaign “Outsmart the cancer – be healthy women“

Date: 24.10.2008
10.00  pres –conference in the Ministry of health
11.00  gynecological and mammography check up in the Clinic
12.00  cultural event on the square  ‘’Makedonija”

On the official start of the Campaign participated the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Netherlands as well as women-members of the Parliament of the republic of Macedonia who made gynecological check up and that was the official start of the Campaign on terrain.

On the square “Makedonija” a music happening was held at 12.00 with presence of a lot of famous singer-supporters of the campaign.

Round table with D-r. Ernie Bodai

Round table held on 20.05.2008 at 14.00
Place : House of Army, Skopje
Topic:  “Putting on the agenda the issue of breast cancer , ways of lobbing in public and in decision –making institutions “
Guest-speaker : D-r.  Ernie Bodai –USA
Embassy of USA in Skopje , Macedonia
Macedonian women’s lobby
Borka- Anti cancer NGO

Public hearing for the Campaign “Outsmart the cancer – be healthy women”

Venue : Parliament of the Re[public of Macedonia

Organizers :  Macedonian women’s lobby, Gender equality Commission within the Parliament , Ministry of health

Conclusions :

  1. Campaign in 2007 give an excellent results related to raising the awareness in women and their education and better informing for regular gynecological and mammography checks up
  2. Better mobilizing of health services in public sector for paying more attention of these diseases
  3. Maximum transparency and efficiency in usage of the assets from the preventive programame of the Ministry of health
  4. The screening register in these malignance diseases is enriched