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Working meeting with representatives from institutions and NGOs regarding preparation of NAP for the Resolution 1325

Macedonian Women’s Lobby in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Department for Equal Opportunities held its first meeting (two foreseen) with relevant institutions and local and international NGOs in order to prepare the activities for the preparation of a National action plan for implementation of the Resolution  1325 on Women, peace and security from 2017 to 2020. One the meeting were presented activities conducted by each institution in the past as well as recommendations and guidelines for future activities.15137site

Capacity building workshop for presenting and lobbying of Resolution 1325

The second part of the seminar for representatives of the 10 local self-governments involved in the project ‘Empowering women and girls for the preservation of peace and confidence-building’ took place on the 11 and 12 November in the hotel Alexander Palace. The purpose of this seminar was to strengthen the capacities for lobbying and presenting the resolution to the public, particularly in local government before local community. Participants were informed about how to approach to 141312the media to promote their work and the techniques and tools of the lobbying process for the implementation of the resolution at the local level.

Seminar on Strengthening the capacity of local government representatives to implement Resolution 1325

In the framework of the project Empowering women and girls for peace keeping and building trust financially supported by the British Embassy in Skopje, on the 21 and 22 of October 2016 in the hotel Alexander Palace Skopje, was held a seminar on the topic Strengthening the capacity of representatives of the local government for the implementation of Resolution 1325. 20 representatives from 10 local self governments participated in the workshop. Participants were introduced with the Resolution of the Security Council of the United Nations 1325 and National Action Plan 1325. The respresentatives from the Ministry of labour and social policy informed the participants with Institutional results and challenges in terms of resolution. The aim was to highlight the importance of the applicability of the resolution at the local level and to suggest ways and mechanisms  on how what they learn to apply in local context.531

Working Meeting with representatives of political parties

Regarding the project “Empowering women and girls for the preservation of peace and confidence-building” organized by the Macedonian Women’s Lobby, and funded by the British Embassy, a meeting was organized with the representatives of political parties in order to exchange information on the events in the framewrok of the project and future challenges . The working meeting was held in the hotel Meriot- Skopje on 14.09.2016.1613103

Manual for leadership in local self-goverment


Seminar Stop violence against women in politics

Within the project “Empowering Women and Girls for Increased Peacekeeping and Trust-building   ” Macedonian Women’s Lobby with the financial support of the British Embassy in Macedonia organized one-day seminar on the topic “Stop violence against women in politics” on which  was debated nonviolent communication towards women in politics. The seminar was held on 27 May at the Hotel Holiday Inn. The focus was put on the   importance of the topic  of sexism, hate speech towards women politicians, at the second panel was  presented Guidelines for Resolution 1325 on women, peace , and security printed in three languages. We gave  overview of the 5 principles for the promotion of inter-party dialogue of women’s sections within the political parties agreed at the seminar held in 2015 in Struga. The last panel titled How to deal with hate speech, sexism and  discrimination  in the media, representatives of political parties shared personal experiences related to sexism in politics and the media.  The seminar was attended by 70 representatives of 15 political parties in the country.IMGP0807102016-05-27-883hin34hin18

Seminar on the topic Revision of the National action plan (2013-2015) for the Resolution 1325 and future challenges

The seminar on the topic “Revision of the National action plan (2013-2015) for the Resolution 1325 and future challenges”
was held in hotel Solun -Skopje, on the 22, 24 and 25 March 2016.  Among the participants were the  representatives from the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Center for Crisis Management and representatives/ coordinators of Equal opportunitiy commissions from the municipalities of Karpos, Kisela Voda, Centar, Gazi Baba, Gjorce Petrov.
The purpose of the seminar was to familiarize participants with the process of preparation of National Action Plan 2013-2015 for the Resolution  1325  for women, peace and security as well as participants  to learn about the activities at the local level in 10 municipalities within the project “Empowerment of Women and girls for Increased Peacekeeping and Trust-building”.
Lecturers of  the seminar were representatives from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and  independent expert who  informed the participants with institutional outcomes and challenges in terms of equal opportunities and promoting of gender equality.  On the seminar was present the military attache in the British Embassy in Skopje, Mr. Richard Perry, who  stressed the importance of such projects and of further regional action in terms of greater inclusion of women in maintaining international peace and security. The participants received certificates for completion of the seminar. straso2policiaj 2elena grozdanovaaferda1 perry

Project Empowering Women and Girls for Increased Peacekeeping and Trust-building

Macedonian Women’s Lobby financially supported by the UK Embassy in Macedonia is implementing the project

“Empowering Women and Girls for Increased Peacekeeping and Trust-building” which aims to contribute to promoting awareness of the efforts of NATO to regional  security, peace building and confidence in the implementation of UN resolution 1325. This project aims to act on three levels:

-Cooperation with the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Macedonia in drafting a strategic document for the implementation of UN Resolution 1325

-Awareness raising about the importance of Resolution 1325 in the framework of local self-governmental units  in 10 municipalities.

Local government has a key role in raising the awareness of citizens on the issues of gender, and in this case for familiarization with the Resolution on peace and security. Workshops for local implementation of theResolution will be held in the following of Bitola, Stip, Karpos Cesinovo-Debar, Tetovo, Tearce, Mavrovo-Rostushe Strumica, Veles.

-Organizing A public hearing in Parliament on the implementation of Resolution 1325 and future challenges in the implementation.

Adoption of 40 % quota in Electoral Code

Quota of 40% in the Electoral Code passed on the session num.75 of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia on 09.11.2015
Article 21
In Article 64 paragraph (5) is amended as follows:
“(5) The submitted list of candidates for members of Parliament from the of paragraph (2) of this Article for members of the municipal council and the City of Skopje referred to in paragraph (3) of this article, at least 40% of the candidates belong to the underrepresented sex namely: on every third place at least one will be reserved for the less represented gender and additionally will be add one position for underrepresented sex on each ten places.
That’s means that we kept the position from the previous Electoral code and get two more obligatory women from every list as a candidate.

Meeting with Mr. Peter Van Hоute, mediator in negotiation process between political parties

Director of the Macedonian Women’s Lobby Ms Daniela Dimitrievska together with civil society representatives met with Mr. Peter Van Houte, EU representative mediator in negotiation process between political parties. The working group of representatives of 4 political parties gathered to discuss the current Electoral Code. Ms. Dimitrievska  presented the views and arguments and forward documentation for increasing the quota of 40% in the Electoral Code and increased participation of women at all levels.Between the representatives of political parties negotiators are women MP who supports the initiative of increasing the quota. Mr. Van Houte publicly give support to this initiative and will deliver the documentation in the working group.

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