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Conference “Democracy and gender equality”

In anticipation of the International Day of Democracy, the Macedonian Women’s Lobby, Club of Women Parliamentarians and WCI-Antico organized a conference “Democracy and gender equalityheld on September 14, 2012 (Friday) at 11 am in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia (hall Boris Trajkovski)

The conference was organized with the support of United Nations, National Democratic Institute, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung ,  Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

The conference aims to speak multidimensional challenges and obstacles faced by women and men in the realization of the basic tenets of democracy such as equality, participation and representation.
This conference brought together representatives of the academic community, government, parliament, civil society and international institutions.

Raising women’s awareness of preventive gynecological and mammography researchers


  • Increase awareness of early prevention of malignant disease in women
  • To raise awareness among women for regular gynecological and mammography checks
  • To raise awareness among all women to choose their own gynecologist
  • To inform women about programs of the Ministry of Health


Held  10 workshops:

  • First workshop was held in  Skopje Fair as part of the fair for women 26.09.2010
  • Second in municipality Suto Orizari
  • Third in municipality Cair 15.10.2010
  • Fourth workshop was held in municipality Gorce Petrov, 20.10.2010
  • Fifth workshops was held in the local community in the village Bardovci 22.10.2010
  • Sixth workshop was held in municipality  Centar, 12.11.2010
  • Seventh workshops was held in municipality Kisela Voda  on  14.12.2010 in settlement Dracevo
  • Eighth workshop was held on 21.12. in the municipality Gazi Baba
  • Night workshop was held in municipality Karposh on 27.12.2010
  • Tenth workshop was held in municipality 10th in Butel (Radishani) on 29.12.2010


  • Increased awareness of women’s programs for the early detection of diseases of the female reproductive organs and breast program
  • Increasing health conscious of the need for regular gynecological examination, mammography, breast self-exam
  • Increased the number of women who will go a gynecologist exam and an increased number of actual women with made mammography

Donor: City of Skopje

Strengthening linkages for gender aware and inclusive policy making processes

Name of the project : Strengthening linkages for gender aware and inclusive policy making processes

Period of implementation : February 2011-February 2012

Target group : civic sector on local level, representatives from small neighbourhood units, Commissions of Equal opportunities between women and men [Read more...]

Support of the Campaign “50/50 No modern democracy without gender equality“

Initiated and implemented by European women’s lobby.

Period of conducting: April –June 2009 collecting signature for support

The European campaign had as its aim to increase the participation of women on the highest level of European politics and to encourage women and voters to vote on the European election.

“Do not play with the future”

Period: April to June 2009

Objectives of the project:

  • Raising awareness of the electorate on the importance of their involvement for the conduct of democratic elections;
  •  Special emphasis on informing voters of their right to cast their vote independently and to eliminate the potential for abuse of the voice.
  • Appealing for the cessation of family voting in odedeni areas is a major problem.


Target Audience:
electorate in the multi-ethnic and marginalized areas and groups; women voters, representatives of the NGO sector; political parties.

18 workshops for the promotion of the Code of free and fair elections, the importance of universal democratic principle of one voter – one vote

Donor: National Democratic Institute – NDI

Media campaign ‘’We can and we must – fair election 2008”

Project : Media campaign ‘’We can and we must –fair election 2008”

Period of implementation : May-June 2008

Implementers  : Macedonian women’s lobby in cooperation with National democratic Institut-NDI and Citizen association ‘’Most

Project goal :  Promotion of the Code of Conduct for free and fair lection aiming at high awareness of voting bodies and political parties of respecting the principle: ‘’one voter-one vote” [Read more...]

We can and we must – fair elections 2008

Project : “We can and we must –fair elections  2008”

Period of implementation : May -June 2008

Project goals :

-Awareness raising in public and in political parties for respecting the Code of conduct for free and fair elections in  2008

-Women from rural areas and marginalized groups to be educated about their voting rights and principle ‘’one voter –one vote”

-to be raised the awareness about the existing problem of family voting in some parts of the country [Read more...]

Presentation of gender programs of women candidates

Project title: Presentation of gender programs of women candidates 

Overall objective(s) was to raise the communication level between voters and women candidates on the lists, to give opportunity to women candidates from different political parties that were put on the list to pass their messages to the voters regarding gender issues, as well as to give opportunity to the voters to open forums for discussion and to promote civil participation in creation of the policy regarding gender.  The gender programs of political parties as well as personal commitments of women candidates for MP for the first time were put on agenda in comparison with previous projects for the elections held in 2006, 2008 and 2009 that promoted the Code of conduct for free and fair elections.
Activities : 11 (eleven)  public debates were held in 6 electoral units in the country [Read more...]

Stop the domestic violence including violence among peers

Name of the project : Stop the domestic violence including violence among peers

Period of implementation: June-December 2011


Objectives :

Young students were informed about the violence and the consequences  of it. The objective was students to be educated to recognize the violence and to find a solution of the same as well as to know to whom to refer in case of violence in aim to be avoided the fatal consequences. The teachers and parents were also informed how to find a solution of the problem and to call the free of charged lines for help. A network , was created  of joint acting between students, teachers and parents as well as local institutions under which jurisdictions schools are. [Read more...]

Public hearings

Topic  1: “How far are we in the fight against domestic violence”

Date: 19.09.2008

Place: Parliament of the  RM

Organizers: Macedonian women’s lobby

Commission of Equality between women and men within the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia

UN institutions in the country

[Read more...]